The meteorological columns in Irland

At the end of the 19th century weather stations were erected in the bigger cities and tourist centres. Most of them -provided with a multitude of meteorological instruments- should give every citizen resp. guest the possibility to get an idea of the weather conditions.

Some of these stations survived the last 100 (and more!) years intactly resp. they were restored. Following we’ve listed pictures and time documents to show you the beauty of these local weather stations. Next to no station looks like the other. The architectural variety is enormous.

Maybe there is an old weather station in your neighbourhood or you have an old postcard, a historical photograph or you know a weather station which isn’t registered. We’re grateful about every advice!

On our site you can find approximately 600 weather stations in 18 countries, historical documents, a little museum of instruments, catalogues, picture postcards and other information.

Also you can use the practical Search-function to get to your destination quickly. Or choose a country by it’s flag. If you click on the miniature, extra sides with more details will be opened.









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