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Diese Säule im belgischen Mons verfügt neben einer außergewöhnlichen Sonnenuhr auch über ein Barometer, Thermometer und eine "Wetteruhr". Herr Eric Daled hat uns folgende Informationen zusammen mit dem Bild zur Verfügung gestellt.

It is by coincidence that I have found your interesting website on meteorlogical columns.  As far as I know, the ones which are mentioned for Belgium are  not existing any more.  However, I know about another one which still exists: the  so-called Houzeau-monument in Mons. Enclosed you will find a recent picture of it together  with a copy of an article which I recently have published in Dutch  in "Zonnetijdingen", the information bulletin of the "Zonnewijzerkring  Vlaanderen", an association which is interested in sundials and similar  measuring equipment. Besides a special sundial, the Houzeau-monument also  still has a thermometer, a barometer, a weathercock etc... The monument has been  inaugurated in 1890 as a tribute to Jean-Charles Houzeau de  Lehaie. Jean-Charles Houzeau de Lehaie (1820-1888) was born in Mons;  he was a well known Belgian astronome and has been the second director of  the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels.

pictures of the instruments

The upper one is the one of the barometer. It indicates the atmospheric pressure from 70 up to 79 mm Hg.
The lower one is the one of the thermometer. It indicates the temperature from - 20 up to + 50 °C.
The barometer is fixed on the lower SE-side of the monument. The thermometer is fixed on the lower NW-side of the monument.

  Kind regards.   Eric Daled Secretary of the "Zonnewijzerkring Vlaanderen"




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